Perlino Cemento

Perlino Cemento tiles are made from solid, hard, durable and long-lasting natural limestone. It’s unique natural stone texture and neutral color palette provides a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Tiles specifications are:

  • Size: 24×48 in
  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Random Patterns: 4
  • Finish: Polish
  • PEI Rating: 4
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof
  • Edge: Rectified
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Perlino Cemento:

Perlino Cemento Italian brand. it is  new generation of Cemento. it presents to you a luxurious look and rich tones. Combination of best traditional and modern technologies.

Its structure is based on natural limestone which has better resistance and other type of cements.

Perlino Cemento

This product is create to be attractive in appearance and solid enough to withstand the intense heat of a cement mixer. Perlino Cemento  used as a finishing stone for interior and exterior stucco finishes.

The colors are vibrant, and the size of the slabs are good enough to put on a wall.

Perlino Cemento

Beauty and size of this product is: the tile is 24 x 48 in. Due to their thicknesses, they give a strong air-tightness to roofs and walls when used as external cladding tiles. They are suitable for walls, tilework, floors and decoration.